Alpha Test

Everything you create: is a unique, 1-of-1, virtual object.
This works best on Desktop. Mobile support will be soon.

Currently works on desktop, laptops, tablets. Mobile support will be soon.

How it Works

1. Type in your desired cactus or terrain formation.
2. Click "Generate"
3. Wait a few seconds, and your object will begin generation real-time!

Supported Objects List

Terrain Objects you can type:
- Mountain, mesa, mound, hill, rivers

Terrain Adjectives: 
- Short, tall, steep, shallow, flat, wide, thin

- Two mountains with two rivers
- A flat wide mountain
- A small hill
- A tall wide mesa


- Any color you can think of! (Red, blue-green, pink, purple, etc.)

Cactus Adjectives: 
- Number of arms

- A blue-green cactus
- A red cactus with 4 arms

Feature Request

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